"Rob Cosentino is an extremely dedicated and approachable Senior Manager that was both a teacher and a mentor to me as a Regional Manager. While working under Rob's direction, he utilized his attention to detail, his passion for organizational growth and his committment to excellence in helping me build a highly productive region. I give Rob my highest recommendation."

''I have known Rob for many years, first as a business client, then working with him directly. Rob is a very accomplished executive, but more importantly, he instills a very strong sense of loyalty in his direct reports. His ability to motivate and guide his employees is admirable. I highly recommend Rob for any leadership position."

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โ€‹At RGC Consulting we draw upon 38 years of business and mortgage banking experience to share insights and strategies designed to help a wide spectrum of customers from new managers to major corporations. Whether it  is managing change in your organization, developing strategies, speaking at your corporate event or training your people on effective business practices we have a wide menu of services to meet your company or individual needs


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